Prioritising investment in mozambique’s transport infrastructure


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Ministry of Transport and Communications Mozambique

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Port Management Association of Eastern & Southern Africa 

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About the event

Transport Evolution Mozambique Forum & Expo is a high-level transport conference and exhibition, taking place in Maputo in May 2020. The event falls part of dmg event’s Transport Evolution Series, making it a well-known and trusted brand. Furthermore, the event has the full support of Mozambique’s Ministry of Transport and Communication, Maputo Port Development Company and CFM (Mozambique’s rail authority).  


Transport Evolution Mozambique Forum & Expo will once again bring together leaders from the regional and international transport community to accelerate new business opportunities in the ports, rail and road sectors. Running for its second year, the forum features sought-after industry experts to discuss strategic and technical topics. It also plays host to the public and private sector as they identify opportunities and implement plans to upgrade and maintain existing transport infrastructure, as well as develop new systems to improve service delivery.

Prioritising investment in Mozambique’s transport infrastructure

With an extremely fortunate location, Mozambique is the likely exit to most of its landlocked neighbours specifically Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. The former Portuguese colony has a strong potential for economic growth and competitiveness on the back of its resource bounty and the government’s decision to prioritise investment in its infrastructure. This means Southern Africa is certainly open for business and ready to transform Mozambique into a regional investment hub!


Recently the Mozambican President signed the agreement to launch the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement, looking to guarantee an increase in intra-continental trade. The Mozambique Ports and Rail Evolution Forum thus serves as the platform for imperative discussion around how Africa can become more self-reliant and build the next generation of ports and rail! 

What to expect in 2020?


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Why you can’t miss Transport Evolution Mozambique Forum & Expo

Get facilitated access to doing business in Eastern and Southern Africa’s burgeoning transport sector

Increase connectivity, integration, throughput and efficiency in the region

Meet leading ports and rail authority professionals

Source solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of your operation

A look back at 2019

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