AfDB, Moz government ink deal to pave road crucial to trade

The government of Mozambique and development finance institution, the African Development Bank (AfDB) have signed a protocol agreement for a $34-million grant for the paving of the 35 km Nambungali-Roma road, in Mozambique, to facilitate trade and promote social inclusion of local communities.

The works form part of the second phase of the Mueda – Negomano road project, which seeks to improve transport infrastructure between Mozambique and Tanzania.

The successful completion of the project will complement the recently built Unity Bridge to significantly reduce travel time to the ports of Pemba, in Mozambique, and Mtwara, in Tanzania, and boost regional trade and integration between the two countries.

Mozambique Finance Minister Adriano Maleiane says that bridging the infrastructure gap, particularly to increase national and regional connectivity, is key to the efforts to eradicate poverty and to accelerate economic growth.

The project is also expected to foster social inclusion by stimulating employment opportunities along the corridor through sponsored vocational training and promotion of women-led businesses.

The road project will be complemented by ancillary works to increase its social inclusion impact with an additional investment of $2-million in community markets, clinics and other social facilities.

The AfDB will also provide technical assistance to two sector agencies, the Administração Nacional de Estradas and the Fundo de Estradas, giving them capacity to improve their operations. The government of Mozambique will contribute $536 000, mainly for resettlement and compensation. 



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