Agent Update

Dear partner

The launch of the inaugural Mozambique Ports and Rail Evolution Forum is eagerly anticipated by companies from across the globe. With more than USD 15 Billion in transport infrastructure projects currently being run in Mozambique and around the Southern and East Africa region, who wouldn’t want to attend to identify which projects are available and where business can be done.

Ports and railways are leading economic engines for Mozambique, providing access to import and export markets, driving local job creation, and unlocking opportunities for the development of the local blue economy. Hosted in Maputo, by the Maputo Port Development Company, Mozambique Ports and Rail Evolution Forum from 13-14 May 2019, prepares the region’s ports and railways for the fourth industrial revolution.

Industry leaders from around the region gather together to explore opportunities, identify solutions challenging the industry and understand what Africans needs to do to close the gap on aging or non-existent transport infrastructure. Representatives from port and rail authorities in Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Swazliand, Angola and others want to engage in business discussions.

Events provide a unique platform for strengthening inter-continental and regional partnerships and our hope is that 2019 will be a catalytic year for Africa’s development and that our events will play a role in seeing Africa Rise!

Warm regards,

Daniel Bloch

Portfolio Director:  Transport
[email protected]